About Us

Hi! I’m Lauren Hess and thank you for checking out my website! Let me tell you a bit about myself and my path to holistic health.

A few years ago, one of my favorite meals was a frozen burrito and a 22oz of some cheap beer. I was fortunate enough to spend most of my 20s as a musician, playing drums and singing in a band.  My time and energy went into touring, recording and generally flying by the seat of my pants. I loved it and don’t regret a thing, but that lifestyle eventually takes its toll. I was to find out what years of bad nutrition, lots of alcohol, little sleep and bad habits can do to a gal….

Starting in my early 30s, I began to have debilitating stomach pains with digestive woes. Out of nowhere, I would be hit with waves of nausea. Even my birthday dinner was interrupted because the nausea and discomfort was so bad I wasn’t feeling well enough to eat. I never knew how I was going to feel on a day to day basis and it was wearing on me, physically and emotionally. In addition, my acne and allergies started to worsen. All in all, I wasn’t feeling so great. Finally, I made an appointment with a gastrointestinal specialist only to be prescribed a strong antacid that made everything worse. What the doctor did not address in detail was my diet, stress or lifestyle.

In a chance meeting with a friend, I was introduced to the concept of food as a means of therapy. I was already interested in medicinal herbs and had been using them to control my symptoms. It was a natural progression to then start investigating food and the effects on my body. I enrolled in a nutritional therapy course and began to discover through much trial and error what foods worked with my body and what aggravated my G.I. tract. 

I also started exploring hiking, yoga, meditation and other non-alcohol related activities to help in my healing. 

What I found was a balance between real life and supporting my body’s needs through food, herbs and movement. 

I’m far from perfect, but I now have the tools to realign my health and take an active part in my wellbeing. I understand how hard it is to let go of habits, to let go of what’s familiar and comfortable. But through all of my experiments and self discovery,  I learned to respect, love and nourish my body.  

And I can confidently say that I am living my best life and look forward to a vibrant future!


In March of 2018, I opened Take Care Apothecary, an herb + wellness gift shop in Lockhart, TX. Building on my years of retail experience, Take Care is my way to connect people to natural products that will make them feel better and explore the world of holistic health. Check out the store page or my instagram (@takecareshoptx) for more information! 



  • 2014 Completion of Level 1 of Sacred Journey School of Herbalism with teacher Ginger Webb.

  • 2015-2016 Completion of Nutritional Therapy program through Portland Community College with teacher KP Khalsa.

  • 2017 Continued classes and workshops through Sacred Journey School of Herbalism